Trust Signals

A trust signal is anything that makes Google believe your website is authentic, and an authority. They’re supposed to be in place to allow your website to have higher link velocity, for when a page goes viral or to show Google that your website is real.

Some Example Trust Signals, would be:

  • Domain Expiration Age (Most spammers don’t pick up domains for 10 years)
  • SSL Certificates (Google’s even admitted they favour this)
  • Backlinks from Authority Websites (Good Examples: Wikipedia, BBC, Reddit etc)
  • Real Whois Information
  • Social Presence (Engaging Profiles)
  • Social Signals
  • Good IP Neighborhood (Premium or Unique IP Hosting)

As always with me, this can be exploited.

Adding trust signals to your own websites means you can get away with doing more risky things offsite.

Having higher link velocities, more links from “bad neighborhoods” and various other tactics Google would normally penalize you for.

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