The Yoast Sh*tshow That Cost SEOs Massive Rankings

In this post I'll be going into detail about 2 really big mess ups that ended up costing SEOs massive rankings. I wouldn't of blogged about this, but Yoast have failed to even mention the topic to there uses.

Google Target Me (Again)

For the second time in as many years, Google have gone on full assault mode and targeted my blog and several other properties.

An Open Letter To @Moz

I'll be discussing why Moz has taken a turn for the worst, in my opinion and their recent layoffs of over a quarter of their staff team.
Why Keyword Research Tools Are Bullshit

Why Keyword Research Tools Are Bullshit

Keyword research tools seem to be popping up every few weeks, yet they all suck.. Even the ones that have been around for years, and here's exactly why.
being realistic

From Rags to Riches… and Being Realistic

The exploits/tricks/hacks people are selling you aren't real. If you want to make money, then you have to be realistic, and I'll show you what I mean by that in this blog post.
One Man Can Change The World

One Man CAN Change The World

After watching this amazing documentary about an Indian banker, I show you how one man can easily change the world - Or at least HIS world.

No One Has Defined My Generation.

I can't even put this into under 150 characters - So, please... Just read this article, even if you don't read anything else of mine, ever.


This is just some thoughts I've had (I know right, Thinking is dangerous and all) that I wanted to push out onto the landscape that is, the internet.

What England really doesn’t Need

This ism y take on the current situation of the "English Defence League" which is something that England, as it is really, really does not need.


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