Entrepreneurial Depression

This is a blog post that will resonate with a lot of my readers who run their own businesses and companies. Something that a lot of people glance over.

How I’m So Productive

A lot of people have asked me how I manage to do so much, and limit my distractions. So, here's exactly how I go about being so damn productive.

A Final Farewell to God of SEO

God of SEO has transformed my life, set me up for greatness and birthed me into my adult life. I'll be reliving some of my best & worst moments before saying a final farewell to the God of SEO era, and welcoming my new, more personal brand.

Talent Really Is Easy

I take a look at how Hard Work is an achievement, where as Talent is just plain easy..

My Complete Journey

This post is a journey of around 5 years with it's ups and downs and a lot of experiences I've been through, and how I got into the SEO Industry.
Geek Dating

Dating as a Geek

I'll be giving my personal summary of how I've led a life as a geek, and approached the world of dating in it - Both Virtual, and offline.
I am free

Who even am I?

I've been going through a lot of thinking this weekend and needed to get some way to get it off my chest, so here is my apologies and a bit of truth in this entire fiasco.


I’m a British SEO consultant specializing in link building. I run an E-Commerce SEO Agency & a small affiliate site empire. This is my blog, where I cover online marketing strategies, tutorials, news and do product reviews.

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