My Best eBook Yet

In terms of money spent, vs knowledge earned… This eBook is my best piece of work yet.

Inside this over 50 page eBook, you’ll get:

  • Direct, Under Covered Techniques To Secure Links NOW
  • Over 15 Untapped DoFollow Link Oppurtunites (DA40 – 100) That Take MINUTES To Build!
  • TONS of Link Building Advice (From Anchor Text to Link Velocity)
  • Indexing, Tiering and More Advice!

I can’t begin to cover everything inside this with a damn bullet point list!

You’ll just have to see for yourself, however.. There is a money back guarantee.

I’ll Be Real With You

If you’ve been doing link building for years and years, and have covered white to black hat techniques.. Found link opportunities in the smallest of places, and dived into the deep end with campaigns. Then this eBook probably isn’t going to be for you.

HOWEVER, if you’re in the beginner to intermediate range of link building, and want to build an entire campaign NOW, but don’t really know where to start.. Then this eBook will give you a metric sh*t ton of opportunities and advice to start building out that referring domain count, whilst keeping to as highest level of quality as possible. 

For under 100 bucks (and this is WAY under that price tag) there isn’t going to be a better resource out there for black, white, grey or even freakin pink hat SEOs to learn to build solid link profiles with. Whilst giving a number of opportunities, in a number of niches to find high quality, DoFollow links.

Hear What Others Thought First

I decided to ask a few members of my affiliate course (generally the higher end of SEOs/Link Builders inside) what they HONESTLY thought about this eBook. I didn’t want any false praise, or bullsh*t hype around me.. I wanted pure honesty, and I hope that’s what I got in return.

Having some experience in the industry I was curious to what Charles had to offer but I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few good ideas and link sources I haven't heard of or didn't immediately think of. For 27 bucks this is a no-brainer for anyone who does SEO of any sort.

Diggy Dirk 

This PDF is good for beginner to intermediate link builders - especially those looking to for more white hat opportunities. Advanced and experienced link builders will find the quick wins section helpful. I like the links to sources such as indexing services, submissions sites and nice backdoor link to scrapebox discount if you don't have a copy. The quick wins section alone pays for the cost of the eBook multiple times over though.

Matt Hagens 
Affiliate SEO

Oh, Charles. What a crafty little bastard you are. I wasn't expecting to learn about this many new backlink sources in this little time. A lot of this stuff can be implemented in hours, if not minutes!

Jay Bats 
Affiliate SEO

This short but actionable ebook is about a 10-20 minute read, but you’ll go back to it over and over again. These link building quick wins are infinitely re-usable and you’ll find some useful information included for how to use these links, and how to make the absolute best out of them.

Daniel Cuttridge 
Agency SEO

After reading the whole book prior to launch, I'll say a massive thank you to Charles for taking the time to share such a valuable eBook. I know for a fact Charles can charge way more than $27, and it doesn't matter if you are an SEO guru or not, I am sure many things you still don't know which Charles shared in his eBook, for $27? You'd be mad not to buy this.

Usman Ghani 
Affiliate SEO

Still Need More Reassurance

Check out what some of my customers who bought it said on Facebook.

jason duke

I hope these reviews gave you an insight into the quality of this product. Every person I asked to review this product has a minimum 18 months experience in SEO, and forked out close to 500 bucks for my affiliate course several months back now.

I specifically asked them to give an insight into the eBook, and not me.. As in the past I've had people criticize the reviews given for being bias towards me, and not an overview of the product itself.

I wanted to make sure that changed with this product.

If you'd like to see more reviews, I've put a comment section at the bottom of this page which is publicly open to comment on with questions, and has reviews from customers who've bought and read the entire thing.

And All This For Just... $27

All Payments Are Secured Through Gumroad. Your Information Is Never Stored, And The Full eBook Will Be Delivered Directly To Your Email, As Soon As Payment Is Confirmed.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with your value for money, and you really didn't learn anything from this huge eBook, then I'm willing to offer a refund of the full $27 within 7 days of purchasing. All you have to do is email me with exactly why you didn't learn anything in relation to this, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I may dispute the refund request and your reasons.. but I'll always try and make up for your purchase in terms of that dispute, and if I truly believe you didn't get any value out of my product, then I'll happily give you a total refund.