DIY Niche Affiliate Site For Sale

I'm selling this site because once again I find myself too far down the rabbit hole with far too many projects. This site has fantastic potential, and with the right link building work and OnPage adjustments is an easy 4 figure a month site.

It's already generating traffic and a small amount of income - Proving the site has the potential to go very far, considering it currently generates over $300/Month.

The Domain​

The domain was bought as an aged site in the arts and crafts niche and re-purposed to be more focused on the DIY niche. It came with over 250 already existing referring domains, ​8+ years of age and is a 2 word .com very much so related to the DIY niche, and is a great fit for the product reviews we're going after.

This is what the domain looks like in Ahrefs -

​The Current Affiliate Programs & Money Pages

Currently, we have 5 review pages live on the site and all of them (bar one) are linked to ClickBank affiliate programs. However, with the research we've done, it's very easy to also promote offers (via new or current pages) with Amazon and ShareASale. ​

  • Money Page #1 Main KW Rankings - #24 & #26​
  • Money Page #2 Main Keyword Rankings - #26 & #29
  • Money Page #3 Main Keyword Rankings - #50 to #76 (Several KWs)
  • Money Page #4 Main Keyword Rankings - #39, #39, #41
  • Money Page #5 Main Keyword Rankings - #15, #15, #18 (0 Links Built)

Bonus Content

We've also created 14 additional pieces of content to help support the main pages, these are all of large sizes varying from 1,500 to 3,500 words per page. I estimate in total there is around 35,000 - 40,000 words of content on the entire site - All written by native English writers and edited in Thrive Content Builder to make every page look professionally designed.​

Currently, due to a lack of overall work ​on this site a lot of this bonus supporting content isn't internally linked back to the money pages - Which is major reason as to why it is not currently ranking higher.

Links Built

Currently, we have (and it's all tracked in spreadsheets) built ​20 PBN Links and 6 guest posts across all of the money pages.

We have also built a number of pillow links alongside the links the domain already had. 

With additional resources, around double to triple current links, it'd be very easy to break into the top #3 for every target keyword.​

Traffic & Stats

Currently, due to a lack of work on the site we have yet to install ​Analytics or any other form of tracking - Which is a factor into the reduced price of this site. However, we have still got direct data from sales on ClickBank, where in August we made 15 promoted sales -

This Totaled: ​$342.20

Asking Price

Due to the quite easy and tremendous amount of growth this site could occur with proper management and investment, but also with a lack of analytical data to back-up traffic claims. 

We believe a fair price for this site would be USD $5,250 - We're open to offers and negotiations.

Please PM Charles Floate via Facebook if you're interested.