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About Charles

Charles has been an internet marketer for over 8 years now, pushing the limits of every part of the SEO industry and being consistently talked about because of it.

Charles is a well known and highly trusted SEO that specializes in the technical side of SEO and more specifically link building. Working with some of the world's biggest brands, affiliates and agencies he's become one of the most well known names in the industry. 

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Ivan Hernandez

Charles gave me a solid plan to achieve my SEO goals!

(5 / 5)

Charles accelerated my learning curve of SEO , what i was going to learn in 1 year alone. Charles helped me to learn it in 1 hour with his coaching session.  Is easy to get lost with so much information about seo out there, but Charles gave me a solid plan to achieve my SEO goal of ranking an ecommerce website. He is a very cool guy, easy to approach, and he answered all my questions, plus he gave me the resources i needed to achieve the things he talked about in the session. 

​So if you are looking for someone to help you accelerate your learning curve or get direction in this IM world, Charles is the guy to go.

I'm dealing with blue chip clients on a daily basis

(5 / 5)

Well Charles, what can I say? Bravo. Well done. Not only have you changed my life for the better you have changed my family members life and also several clients who are now straight killing their niche. Being in SEO for only 8 months I have been able to quit my job and work less hours at a digital marketing agency. I'm dealing with blue chip clients on a daily basis and scaling link building campaigns and outreach like crazy. It all started with a comment on your blog back in November 2013, basically asking you if you wanted to go for a coffee with me. Little did I know just 6 months later, I would have made over 5 figures applying the techniques and tips you gave me on that day. We talked and talked for several hours about life goals and keeping motivated; you pointed me in the right direction to go ahead and forge my path in this industry. I can’t thank you enough.

James Gregory

Charles knows his stuff when it comes to SEO

(5 / 5)

Just finished up with Charles on an hour consultation and he definitely went above and beyond. An hour full of information that I can test quickly and modify for my needs. Everything in SEO is testing for your specific purposes. Not everything will work every single time for every keyword in every niche. If you think it should, as James Gregory said, perhaps you should get into another line of work. Some of these strategies I have tested before with a lot of success (recent), and just needed the refined/updated process and resources.

Charles was able to elaborate on processes that I KNOW work well, and provide new insight to get better results faster. That proves to me that he knows his shit when it comes to SEO by his ability to expand on these processes that are proven with properties that I already have ranking, and he immediately had incredible resources for better/faster exploitation and utilization. Charles provided far more value on the call than $250 for sure, and I know I will EASILY be able to recoup that expense through the resources he provided alone. This was my first consultation with Charles, and I know it won't be my last.

Jack Harvell

How A Typical Session Works

charles floate

First, I'll ask you to pre-prepare a bunch of questions or general topics (related to internet marketing, SEO or online business) that you want me to cover for you in the session.

Then, we'll jump into a call via Skype, either audio, video or even typed if that's your thing. We'll systematically go through everything you want me to cover, so that you get the most out of your session - If we're doing an audio or video call, I may jot down links, terms or anything else of relevance to the call within the Skype chat.

Finally, we'll round up with any additional questions you may have that weren't covered in the session and I'll try to give you follow-up material to help you learn even more once the session is finished.

Case Studies

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • UK Seo
  • Black Hat Can Be Long Term
  • E-Commerce Tutorial
  • Growth Hacking

In this case study, I showcase how I took a brand new site from 0 visitors, to over 2,500 pageviews in just 1 week, using growth hacking techniques such as social automation and sneaky OnPage SEO techniques.

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get a huge advantage in SEO!

(5 / 5)

So I just finished 1 hour of consulting with Charles Floate, and let me tell you this - best money I ever spent on SEO! Charles gave me much more than I expected, so much value. He answered every question I had and taught me some badass online marketing secrets.

Saar Bell
Jack Coxill

Amazing value, he really knows his stuff!

(5 / 5)

Just finished a session with Charles Floate, amazing value and he really knows his stuff. If you want to go deeper with your SEO and clarify a clear plan of action, get in touch with him ASAP!

How Much Will A Session With Charles Cost?

I charge a standard rate of $350 per hour for every consulting session. If you're UK based then I can accommodate day visits at a rate of $2,000 per day, this includes travel but does not include accommodation if you request more than 1 day. Please allow 7 days notice, urgent or emergency trips (within 7 days notice) are an additional £150 per day.

I also offer international consulting services outside of the US at the same rate as the UK day rate which transfers into about $1,750 per day, though this rate does not include travel,  accommodation and any additional visa or application fees. Please allow up to 28 days notice for trips outside of the UK, I do not provide urgent or emergency trips outside of the UK.