How Much Will A Session With Charles Cost?

I charge a standard rate of $350 per hour for every consulting session. If you’re UK based then I can accommodate day visits at a rate of $2,000 per day, this includes travel but does not include accommodation if you request more than 1 day. Please allow 7 days notice, urgent or emergency trips (within 7 days notice) are an additional £150 per day.

I also offer international consulting services outside of the US at the same rate as the UK day rate which transfers into about $1,750 per day, though this rate does not include travel,  accommodation and any additional visa or application fees. Please allow up to 28 days notice for trips outside of the UK, I do not provide urgent or emergency trips outside of the UK. 

Sorry, he’s not currently available to perform consultancy, but will soon!

If completely urgent please send an email to