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I’ve recently been releasing eBooks, and they’ve been doing very well – I focus on no-fluff writing, so even though they may be smaller numbers of page I give direct action over quantity of words.

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A lot of people make SEO out to be some complicated mix of computer science and wizadry.. but in practice, it’s a battlefield of poorly made, old websites and gigantic companies with ridiculous spends no small business or one man band could ever match.

This means though, that there is PLENTY of cash to be made in the SERPs and even with Google cracking down on tactics or Amazon cutting affiliate payouts.. There is still long term, passive income to be made off putting in work to create real world assets that are better than 99% of the other pages on the internet.

Parasite SEO For 2016

This eBook introduces people to the concept of Parasite SEO, as well as details strategies on how to build parasite pages, rank them with specific link building strategies, details how to buy SAPE links in English without a translation tool and several other advanced techniques for making money from other peoples websites.

This book is targeted at those who either don’t know much about Parasite SEO, or are just starting out in it… Some advanced users may find it too basic, check out my Art of Marketing Warfare eBook for those that know what they’re doing with Parasite.

The Art of Marketing Warfare

This eBook details how the current state of internet marketing is a battlefield, and how you can crush your competitors whilst building your online empire in the process.

This eBook is meant for intermediate-advanced marketers that want to up their game with darker tactics and take on current competitors in their niches.

I cover every area of IM – SEO, PPC, Social, Email etc etc.. So you get a very rounded view of how to implement and carry out these guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Due to legal proceedings I had to edit and remove part of the last chapter of my book, as it covered illegal activities such as hacking. I didn’t endorse committing criminal offences at all, it was purely for educational purposes and I removed it on my own, as a good gesture.