It Has Returned

Note: This isn't a sales page, it's more of a story for now... We'll get to the countdown salesy bullshit at the end of it.

Nearly 2 years ago, in late 2014, for a mere 7 hours we opened shop.

Selling one time fee, permanent links on one of the strongest private blog networks ever built.

We sold so many links, and had such good feedback that many of the over 250 customers became members of our community and to this day, have stayed with us.

After the 7 hours was up, we closed. 

Though we had a LOT of people request more links, when the next batch was going to come out etc...

We never re-opened.

We moved on with different projects, the community grew from a mere 100 members to over 400 in a month, our interest in the network kind of relapsed and it was continually put onto the back burner... We never got rid of the domains, they're still up to this day and still powering people's sites that bought links with us all those years ago.

​That was until I saw a message from Jedediah Hunt (Someone that's likely familiar to a lot of you guys & gals) in the BH.C Skype Group:

​"I actually joined BH.C because of the blog network back in the day"

It got me thinking, and I decided to hit up Todd, who happened to be driving home, we had a quick 30 minute call via Messenger on reviving the ​network and that same hour I started working on some domains for it, this landing page and getting as much in place as I could.

Due to the time it takes to re-build and re-work on an old, tired and forgotten PBN, it wasn't until now that we could release this statement to all of you.​

We're happy to announce that the BH.C Blog Network v2 will be out on the ​29th of July, 2016.

For just 12 hours, you'll get access to a over 800 site network (Seriously.. We invested a fucking shit ton of money into this) that offers not only extremely affordable general post packages, but totally niche relevant link packs as well - For those that want a bit more power from niche relevant sites.

We know stats don't mean that a network is good, but here's a peak at the averages across our network:

  • ​Average DA: 32
  • Average TF: 24
  • Average CF: 31
  • Average Referring Domains: 99


- Charles Floate & Todd Foster

Countdown Until Launch