Weight Loss Niche Aff. Site

Selling a site in the weight loss niche that I've been building for the past 3 months. I'm looking to sell because it's simply not big enough to grow into what I am looking for and I re-analyzed the niche, and could only look at getting this site to somewhere around the $10,000 per month mark - Obviously other people will be fine with this, but as it's a JV and I got bigger fish to fry... I have chosen (with my business partners consent) to sell this site.

Domain / Site

.net, 12 letter (2 word, name based) domain.​

The Domain was created in November, 2008 and has never dropped - Making the domain over 8 years old now. We started actually creating this site at the middle of February, 2017.

The domain was in the sports niche and not directly related to the current niche - However it was from a prominent figure in the Winter Olympics and had already got some pre-existing strength and authority. ​In total, the site started with 31 referring IPs (via Majestic) and now has 50.

The site is built using a premium theme ($75) and Thrive Content Builder (lifetime license) and is currently hosted with HawkHost in Canada.​

Current TF: 14 - Current CF: 26 - Current DR: 43 - Current DA: 19


We created 2 main money pages, which were both promoting one product - This product's commission averages between $10 and $35.90, the offer is on ClickBank. ​We also created several pieces of supporting content to help with topical authority and interlinking - Several of these pieces also have good search volume which results in traffic coming through to a number of them. 

These pieces of content were created by Indian normal writers and then edited by an Indian editor - The content is not of perfect quality, but is reasonable enough and Google still quite obviously approves of it. ​Both money pages have also been edited by a native English speaker and CRO'd.

Supporting Content

  • 1x 2349 Words
  • 1x 2381 Words
  • 1x 2375 Words
  • 1x 2987 Words
  • 1x 2306 Words
  • 1x 2579 Words
  • 1x 3436 Words
  • 1x 1690 Words
  • 1x 2166 Words
  • 1x 1482 Words
  • 1x 1167 Words
  • 1x 1645 Words
  • 1x 1626 Words
  • 1x 2349 Words

Money Page Content

  • 1x 4117 Words
  • 1x 3501 Words

We also did additional about and contact pages.

In total there is around 39,000 words on the site. Every blog post has custom imagery and is built using the Thrive Content Builder, so they all look pretty. We also have an additional supporting posted drafted at 2,013 words. 


As the site was aged and in the sports niche it already had several authority links - Including a link from a dedicated Wikipedia page, a link from the NY Times, Wikia, several newspapers and several sport/olympic organizations. 

We also built niche (Health/Fitness/Wellness) PBN Links from 11 PBNs on Todd Foster's Niche Relevant Network. 2 links to the 4,117 word money page, 7 links to the 3,501 money page and 2 links to a supporting post.

We built 5 handmade, handwritten Web 2.0 Links to diversify the link profile across some of the supporting pieces and both money pages. We also built 15 (approved) comment links to the homepage. 

Current Stats 

Here is our current rankings (as of 4th of May, 2017) -

*The red, highlighted keywords are direct money keywords.

We made 1 commission in April, as a result of 15 unique visitors - It hasn't broken first page for much, so it's gotten those visits as a result of random LSIs and jumps for specific keywords. It does show that the site does convert though.

Current Stats 

I think with some additional content expansion/upgrades to the money pages, more passionance on aging the current site and a more detailed link building campaign... You'd easily be able to generate around 50,000 visits per month to this site.

If you converted at an average 1% of all these visitors - Which is a fair estimate. You'd be able to make around $11,500 per month from this site.

The niche it is currently in only really has the ability to generate sales from a VERY select few products. With the one I am currently targeting being the biggest and having the most search volume, by far - You could, obviously, expand this site into a more generalized weight loss site and the brand-ability of the domain completely allows for this.​

​Interested in purchasing this site? PM Me on Facebook Here. Looking for offers around $2,500 - $3,000.