Welcome to my site! In here, you will find everything about the man behind The God of SEO blog in 2009 and the person running one of the most successful link building agencies in the world. Click on the buttons below to check out his achievements so far in the SEO industry – his current work, upcoming projects, and more!


Charles Floate first garnered attention from his controversial The God of SEO blog. He published posts and guides that came from his experience of successfully ranking sites in organic search. At 19, Charles was generating 60,000 blog visitors a month – an impressive feat, especially when content marketing didn’t exist.

He turned his focus on growing his affiliate sites and working under SEO A.I. Agency that offered e-commerce SEO services. During this time, Charles perfected his link building techniques that he exclusively uses for his client sites and his own. For one, he launched a $5K link campaign that helped a client multiply its revenue.

His success as a link builder inspired him to launch DFY Links. Charles first offered the services of his agency in 2018 to a private group with the help of his personally trained U.K. staff. A year after going public, his agency generated even more clients and went on to become the most trusted source of high-quality backlinks.

Along side all this, he also runs The Proper SEO Group, a Facebook group where over 23k of the best SEOs converge to discuss the latest trends and best practices. When he has time, Charles shares his SEO knowledge as a speaker in conferences and workshops like Search Birmingham, Chiang Mai SEO Conference, Digital Marketing Skill Share, and more.


Optimize your website to make it rank higher on Google search for your target keywords.

Site Audits

Analyze your website for on-page factors and check for issues that you can improve and fix.

Link Building

Build contextually relevant backlinks to your site from authoritative and high-traffic websites.

Technical SEO

Ensure that search spiders crawl the best pages of your site and index them without problems.





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E-commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

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E-commerce SEO

Learn the E-Commerce SEO game in this insightful blog post.

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Link Building

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Link Building

Grow your services with DFYLinks, the best link building service in the world.

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Revving Up Your Slow As A Turtle WordPress Site

Sumit takes you through an advanced guide to improving the load time of your WordPress website. With expert tricks and tips, you'll have your website loading in no time at all!

The August 1st Algo Update: Explained

Charles does some deep diving into his research around the most recent Google algo update that took the SEO world by storm at the start of August.

How Good Are SEOs At Their Own SEO?

In his first guest post on my blog, Daniel Cuttridge will be reviewing some of the biggest SEOs blogs and how good their OnPage SEO really is.

The Best SEO Vendors of 2018

In my latest edition of my best SEO Vendors post.. I'll be reviewing the very best providers of services on the market, from link building to site building.

The Great PBN Test – Aged vs Expired

In this experiment Charles trials the effectiveness of aged PBN links versus their expired counterpart. Which one is the strongest and which is the most cost effective.



This 13-page e-book shows you how Charles Floate grew a client’s revenue by 28x for a single page. He borrowed techniques from different SEO hats, all of which he freely shares here.


Charles teamed up with SEO researchers to develop replicable strategies for growing his affiliate sites. The result is a can’t-miss course about effective SEO in 2020 and beyond.

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